Se 02 Ep 08 Ellie Scott, Kangaroo Ground, Part One

“I remember hospitality being a big thing in our family and it wasn’t until probably university when I realised that wasn’t normal for a lot of people.”

“I wish I was better at picking up sarcasm. You’d think I’d be better at it by now.”

In this episode, part one of a two-part conversation, Sharon Southwell speaks to Ellie Scott. The conversation moves from Ellie’s father’s experience of migration from Argentina to the USA, to her observations about second culture kids and hospitality, before exploring her own experience of migration from the USA to Australia.

The interview:

Next session: Sharon and Ellie continue their conversation as Ellie reflects on her experiences living in Indonesia and West Papua and working in Australia in a cross-cultural context.

For Season 1 (2017) interview transcripts and photos, Season 2 (2018) podcast notes and photos, and information about how to take part in the project, and how to contact us, check the menu for this site (see Blog, Project Description, and Contact). You are welcome to leave comments or feedback.

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Special thanks to Rambo2100 via Flickr for the photograph ‘Flinders Street’ used in the artwork and to Podington Bear for the theme music from ‘Forces’.

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