Se 02 Ep 07 Spring Sia, Brunswick, Part Two

“There is more honesty you get when you train with someone because at that point they are only showing what is true to themselves.”

In this episode, the host of the This Is Us Australia podcast, Sharon Southwell, returns to Martial Spirit in Brunswick for the second part of a conversation with Spring Sia. When they met earlier this year, Sharon asked Spring primarily about her experience of migrating from Malaysia. They decided then to come back and talk about this other experience of difference Spring lives, as a person involved in martial arts, a woman in martial arts, and particularly a woman involved in Muay Thai.

The interview:

Some of the questions Sharon asked Spring included:

How did you become involved with martial arts and then in Muay Thai?

For listeners who are unfamiliar with martial arts, would you be able to describe Aikido and Muay Thai?

What percentage of people involved in martial arts are women? What about Muay Thai? What percentage of the people involved are women? What else can you tell us about the place of women in Muay Thai?

Tell me about your experience of being a Muay Thai fighter and being a woman in the sport? Are there aspects of this experience that are different from being a woman in martial arts and Aikido in particular?

What has it been like for you negotiating significant life changes as a person involved in martial arts and in Muay Thai?

How has this experience in martial arts and in Muay Thai affected your relationships with others? Your parents? Competitors?

In what other ways has this experience – in particular, being in martial arts and in Muay Thai – affected you and the person you have become?

What have been the barriers and the supports in your martial arts journey?

What advice would you give a girl or young woman interested in martial arts or Muay Thai?

Next episode: Sharon speaks with Ellie about her experience for migration from the USA.

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Special thanks to Rambo2100 via Flickr for the photograph ‘Flinders Street’ used in the artwork and to Podington Bear for the theme music from ‘Forces’.

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