Se 02 Ep 06 Amal Awad, Inner West Sydney

“Everything I do is about unpacking truth … different kinds of truth … let’s embrace them and understand each other through them”.

In this episode Sharon interviews Amal Awad, Sydney-based journalist, author and screenwriter. In 2017, Amal’s book Beyond Veiled Clichés: The Real Lives of Arab Women was published by Vintage Penguin Random House. In Beyond Veiled Clichés, as well as writing about the lives of other women, Amal also writes about her own experiences as an Arab and Muslim woman growing up and living in Australia.

The interview:

Amal has a website and is on Twitter and Facebook. Look out for news of her speaking engagements, and about projects including her upcoming book, Fridays With My Folks, also with Vintage Penguin Random House. In this interview, Amad says of this new project: “When you sit down with your parents and have these conversations, they become as complex as you feel.”

Penguin have a dedicated page for Beyond Veiled Clichés.

Next episode: You could be our next guest.

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Special thanks to Rambo2100 via Flickr for the photograph ‘Flinders Street’ used in the artwork and to Podington Bear for the theme music from ‘Forces’.

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